Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sitting in Time Out

As many parents do we have incorporated "time out" in to our parenting tool box in recent months. It does work fairly well although now we do have Brandon doing something borderline wrong and then stating "Don't put me in time out!" Sometimes it's cute. Mostly it's not.

The other night Brandon and Daddy were sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table rolling a car back and forth to each other, crashing, and generally having a good time. Then Joby moved around the table to sit next to Brandon. Well Brandon didn't like that. He said "No Daddy! Sit over there!" And Joby said "No. I want to sit by you now Brandon." And Brandon responded "GO SIT IN TIME OUT, Daddy!"

I guess Daddy wasn't listening to Brandon and Brandon thought he was making up the rules.


The Life of Brandon

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