Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun Dinner Conversation

Tonight for dinner we made Brandon some Alfredo noodles with chicken. We made a big deal about it being "new mac n cheese" since anything with the word "new" attached to it grabs his attention and holds it for at least a nano-second longer than normal. Well I guess it was too hot or he didn't expect the chicken chunks, but he started chewing and then immediately spit it back out in to the bowl. When we asked what was the matter he said "I pooped it out my mouth." While I tried very hard to conceal my laughter behind my hand, Joby calmly showed Brandon the chicken, blew on the food and then asked Brandon to try it again, which he did. He ate several bites of the food before declaring himself done.

I guess I have failed as a mother to teach Brandon the difference between pooping and spitting something out. That problem is in the process of being corrected.


The Life of Brandon

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