Saturday, November 8, 2008

October in Review

Brandon celebrated his third Halloween dressed as a Dinosaur! It was a perfect theme for him. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with him in the past year will know that his favorite music CDs are from a woman named Laurie Berkner. There is a song called "We are the Dinosaurs" and it pretty much was Brandon's theme song for most of the year. It took us several attempts to get him to try on his costume before Halloween. Joby finally had to hold him down and put it on him. We sound cruel! Brandon sobbed and sobbed about wearing the costume... until we held him up to the mirror and then he thought it was really funny. He laughed while crying. It was very funny. But by Halloween we couldn't get the costume on him fast enough.

Halloween was especially fun for us this year because Brandon really figured it out. By the third house he looked at me and said "Now we go to the next house and get more candy?!" Yeah, it was adorable. He also wouldn't let us help him carry the pumpkin when it got too heavy. He dragged it before considering letting anyone else hold his loot. He's truly a Messer.

On another note we visited a Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze early in the month and Brandon delighted in examining all the pumpkins. He was especially fond of the ones with all the bumps. It was also our first experience with porta-pottys... something I don't particularly look forward to experiencing again. He just couldn't comprehend why the people before him didn't "flush" and left us a big mess. While it was cute it was not the highlight of my day, despite getting a note in his blog. :)


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