Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009

February was a rough month in the Messer house. On the 17th Brandon was diagnosed with croup, and let me tell you, that scared me to death. The first night he slept on the sofa and I slept on the floor next to him. The second and third night we set up a bed for him next to our bed and he slept there. When I say I slept... not really. I was so worried. But our champ pulled through with his usual sunniness and was on the mend with the help of our amazing pediatrician, Dr. Chally. (If you live in Jacksonville - seriously, she's the best!)

On the 21st we headed to St. Augustine for the day to meet Grandpa Joe and Grandma Jan for her birthday. It was a very welcome fun outing after several days of craziness. Brandon had a blast watching the re-enactment of the cannon firing and kept looking in to the bay to "see where the cannon ball went." I have to admit I put him on to that and it made me chuckle.



Through out the day we did notice that Brandon's left eye was a little swollen and was producing gunk. He slept on it and... the next day he had pinkeye. Again - insert an awesome pediatrician who took our calls on the weekend without blinking (if you read Alex's blog then you'll know that night Alex got croup).

So Brandon started eye drops and he HATED them. But hey, it wasn't over! On the 24th we were back at the doctor's office because Brandon told me his ears hurt. Guess what? Raging ear infection. The poor kid. It was a week...

We ended the month well though by purchasing trees at the annual Jacksonville flowering tree sale. They are $10 each for the trees and Brandon and Alex helped Daddy plant them in the yard. We are looking forward to watching the trees grow up with our little ones.

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