Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009

January was a month of entertainment. Early in the month we went to see The Imagination Movers LIVE IN CONCERT in downtown Jacksonville. It was part of Brandon's 3rd Birthday present to get the tickets and it was such a fun day. The show was great and I can say that seeing Brandon's face light up was probably the best thing ever. After the show we drove down to The Loop in San Marco and enjoyed a nice dinner out together.


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Later in the month we met our friends Don and Autumn and their kids Kate, Bridgette and Kent and went to the Ringling Brothers Zing Zang Zoom circus. That also was a great time. Brandon especially liked the puppies jumping through hoops while all the adults held their breaths when the acrobats kept missing their landings on the ariel platform tricks.

Brandon also enjoyed helping me make muffins one Sunday morning. He's becoming quite the helper.

Another super cute thing Brandon did this month was decide that he had to wear "Mints" (mittens) to bed because it was cold outside. For like two weeks the kid literally made us put his "mints" on his hands every night and he would wake up quite upset if they had fallen off overnight. He would run in to our room saying "Mommy! My hands are cold!" Of course, they weren't cold at all because he had been sleeping on them, but hey - it only gets cold, cold enough for mittens, a few weeks in Florida. So we just went with it.


The Life of Brandon

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