Tuesday, March 6, 2007

So tall...

For the past month Joby and I have been pondering the day when Brandon would be tall enough to grasp the french door handles on the doors in our house and therefore expand his area of influence... or destruction, take your pick. Today was that day. It's here. We have to activate plan B... buying special knob covers that will block him from opening the doors. He has known how to work the door handles for months and would often go up and point at them and fuss until we either opened the door or distracted him. In recent weeks he has become more insistent that he gets a bath every night - toddling over to the closed bathroom door and nearly reaching it. Tonight after he disappeared around the corner, down the hall to the bathroom door, I went to investigate. And there he was, holding a tub-time Elmo book he had fetched from the tub and backing out of the bathroom, trying to close the door... like he had never been in there; Almost like he wanted to keep it a secret that he could now open his most favorite closed door. We're in so much trouble...


BekABoo March 10, 2007 at 1:03 AM  

You've gotta watch out for that sneaky little boy! What a cutie he is.

The Life of Brandon

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