Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hiding & Eating

Tonight we realized that it was pretty quiet for about 5 minutes and we had to go looking for Brandon. After about 10 seconds of looking in all the places he could have gone (not many, the doors of all the rooms were closed and baby gates abound) we got worried. Until we heard some rustling... in the cabinets. Yes, Brandon was hiding from us. He's gone all terrain on us now too - in to and on to everything. We really have to be on our toes.

Brandon is also becoming a bit fussy about eating. Our normally fantastic, eat anything eater is now pushing forks away and refusing his once favorite foods. So we're trying to get creative and outsmart the 14 month old. Tonight I put his cheese and chicken on some toast and made his first sandwich. He loved it. So go figure. Who would have thought a sandwich would be creative enough for him not to refuse his cheese and chicken. What will I have to think of next? :)


The Life of Brandon

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