Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other Fun Things for April

Brandon "discovered himself" this month. One morning while I was out running errands Daddy found Brandon standing on our sofa with his pants around his knees proclaiming "Daddy! My penis got bigger! It got real big." I nearly died when I heard this story. I'm not ready for this yet!

Brandon also broke the bathroom sink stopper on April 17th which resulted in a long weekend of house projects because the broken stopper led to me wanting to replace the faucet and the sink, which resulted in a broke pipe in the wall, which resulted in no water for a weekend... oh just go read about it here... and here.

In other cuteness:

Here is my Daddy's boy playing Peggle on the xbox not needing the keypad or headset but wearing them just because he could.


Brandon got to make home-made pretzels with Grandma Jan one morning. They were really good too!


Here's our man enjoying his visit with Aunt "Grandma" Janice.

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