Saturday, June 9, 2007

Finally Sick

We knew the day would finally come when Brandon got sick. And this was the week. Tuesday morning my mom called me at work and said she believed Brandon had a fever and was not well. So I took him to the doctor's and it turned out his temp was 102.4. They said he was the happiest child with a 102.4 temperature that they'd ever seen. He was smiling and playing so nicely while we were there. Anyways - they thought it was just a cold but when he woke up on Thursday with a 103.4 temperature they believed it was a type of roto virus that had been going around. Poor Brandon didn't know what he wanted. He was so hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. One minute he'd be playing or watching tv quietly and the next minute he'd just bust out crying. It was so cute and pathetic all at the same time, and of course it broke my heart. There were times when all he could stand to do was sit on our laps and bury his head in to our shoulders. Luckily today Brandon didn't have a fever when he woke up and we're left only the congestion. He's back on the mend.


BekABoo June 16, 2007 at 2:12 AM  

poor baby. Hope he's doing better!

The Life of Brandon

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