Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Website & Pictures

Hey Everyone,

Well Brandon is going to be four weeks old this Friday… ? How did that happen so fast? :-)

We’re sleeping occasionally – it’s bad… but not that bad. :-) He’s worth it.

Anyways – before I got pregnant Joby and I decided to register a domain name so we could have a place to put family photos, etc. So I have spent the past week (in my copious amounts of spare time when I’m not feeding Brandon) working on the site, breaking it and then getting it working again. :-) I know some of you are website gurus and, well, I’m NOT. So this page is simple and is made of frames (sorry gurus, it’s easy for me to do it this way!). There are a bunch of photos under Brandon’s page. So check them out. There were several taken this afternoon so they are definitely current.


I hope everyone is doing well!



p.s. - I’ve been using this photo organization software called Picasa (by Google). It’s awesome (and free!) and makes creating web pages from pictures REALLY, REALLY easy. I thought I’d give it a plug because it’s been easy to use and a great way to organize digital photos on your hard drive.


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