Friday, September 8, 2006


Brandon is doing great! He's such a happy boy. He's 8 months old and I can't believe it already! He is initiating Peek-a-boo now (which is really cute!). He also decided to crawl up the staircase in my parents' home (whee). He can make it up the whole way on his own, but he sort of grunts and gurgles while he does it. He loves it.

He had his first bruise a couple weeks ago since he has a lot more confidence than ability when it comes to pulling himself up and walking along objects. One of his favorite games right now is to crawl over to an open door and swing the door back and forth. He'll partially close the door, then peek around it, open it again... repeat, repeat, repeat. He also loves to bang on those coil door stoppers behind doors. That is very entertaining.

The other day he decided he was ready for walking. (yikes!) He pulled himself up on one of the kitchen chairs and then started walking with it. He walked all the way around the family room, through the kitchen, making one big circle. I have that on video! My mom held the chair while he walked at one point so he wouldn't face-plant on the floor because the chair was getting away from him. It was really so cute. He was very proud of himself.

Despite the fact that he is trying to cut his top four teeth at the same time, he has been sleeping very, very well. We put him down anytime betwee 8-9pm and he'll usually sleep until 7am. Of course, now that I've written this in to internet history, it won't happen ever again. I've gotten used to getting decent sleep again. :) The beginning of this year is starting to be a foggy memory. I must be cursing myself by talking about it.


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