Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Good morning,

Many of you receiving this email have already heard the news but for those of you who haven’t… I’m pregnant! We found out at the beginning of May but waited until the end of my first trimester to tell everyone. We’re thrilled, of course, but I have to say a little shocked when we found out that I’m pregnant with TWINS. Yes, twins. I’m attaching one of my sonogram pictures... It’s pretty obvious there are two! The doctor told us that there is a 90% chance the twins are identical but we won’t know the sexes until the end of August. Yes, we are going to find out! At this point we need to be as prepared as possible! And I’m of the opinion that it’s a surprise no matter when you find out.

Some of you have asked if twins run in our families. Yes, actually on both sides. Joby’s mom, Janet, is an identical twin! And I found out this past weekend that my dad’s sister’s twins are identical. (I always thought they were fraternal). So I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised really. The funny thing is that we’ve been joking about this for a long time. A lot of people in our families have told us we would have twins… and when I showed Joby the sonogram pictures he smiled, studied them, then looked shocked and said “this was supposed to be a joke.” Yeah, we laughed a lot that day. The next day the fear set in!

What’s even more bizarre is that the night of Mother’s Day I had a dream that I was pregnant with twin girls with blond hair & blue eyes. It felt so real that I went out that morning and bought a home pregnancy test. We took it at lunchtime and yes, it was positive. I told my doctor about this at my first appointment and he sort of laughed and said since I had brown eyes my baby would have brown eyes. (Not true, Joby is blue eyed and I carry the blue gene from my Dad so I could have blue eyed babies!) Anyways – at the second doctor’s appointment when I had my first sonogram done and it turned out to be twins the doctor couldn’t believe it because he remembered my dream. It’s too bad I can’t dream what the lottery numbers are going to be!

Some of you have asked how I’m feeling. Not bad actually. I haven’t had morning sickness per se. I’ve had a lot of all day nausea but that’s pretty much gone away and I only feel sick if I don’t eat every few hours. The only really bad thing that has been going on is that I’m already having some sciatic nerve pain in my lower back. That’s been fun. Other than that I’m just tired all the dang time. I’m waiting for that second trimester “high” to kick in here so I get some more energy. :-)

Oh – I’m technically due January 10th. But twins tend to come early and full-term for twins is 36 weeks. So I probably will deliver sometime in early December, hopefully not too close to Christmas for their sakes when they are older!

I’m sorry if you are just finding out over email! I’ve been calling as many people as possible and since we were in Jacksonville this past weekend, we got to tell many in person. I’d tell you all in person if I could.

I hope you all have a great day!


Colleen :-)


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